Month of Coordination

A personal note from Marti…

You have worked so hard to plan the wedding of your dreams! Hiring a wedding coordinator to handle all of the details of your day will allow you to enjoy each and every moment of your “once in a lifetime” wedding. I am passionate about weddings and would love the opportunity to work at your wedding so that you do nothing but make beautiful memories with family and friends!

After all of the hours of work and preparation that you have put into your wedding day, allow us to put your plan into action and you can enjoy your day with your family and friends! There are dozens of details that will need taken care of before, during, and after your walk down the aisle.

Services include:

  • Meeting with you at both the ceremony and reception sites at least one month prior to the event to discuss your plans and make certain that we understand your vision of the day and where everyone and everything will be placed.
  • All vendors hired for the event will be called the week of the wedding to introduce myself as your coordinator, check for any missing information, payments still needed and confirm the date and time of delivery. A vendor arrival timeline will be completed and given to appropriate vendors.
  • A wedding day timeline, as well as a reception timeline will be completed for the wedding day which will outline times and activities taking place for the wedding party from the morning until the bride and groom head off on their “happily ever after”!
  • We will coordinate the rehearsal and give copies of the timeline to each of your wedding party members to make them aware of, or remind them of, the activities taking place on your wedding day. This will help everyone stay on track and the day much more enjoyable for you!
  • Visiting both the ceremony and reception sites on the day of the wedding to assure that all planned decorations are being placed and completed as contracted with your vendors.
  • Most importantly, we will be present at the wedding and reception to be certain that all details of the wedding day are carried out as you planned. We will be available to answer all questions and concerns that any vendors or guests may have in order to allow you, your family, and friends to enjoy such a fabulous day without worry!

The fee for the services listed with 8 hours of service the day of the wedding with an assistant for 4 hours is $1200

The fee for the services listed with the addition of all day service with an aide for 4 hours as well as assistance with set up and clean up as needed, gathering and boxing items at the end of the night, and staying until the last guest leaves is $1750

Each additional hour for an assistant is $50

A la carte services (errands and such) is $75 per hour

If you don’t see all the services you need listed, let’s put together a customized plan for you!