Kind Words

I first met Marti a few months before my December 2011 wedding……….. She was an enormous help and I LOVE the invitation that she helped me choose. At this time, she told me that she did month and day-of wedding coordinating. I just knew that I had to have her with me on my wedding day. She always comforted me and relieved my stress. She was like a mother to me. So, I hired her for my day-of coordinator. I also hired her to do our programs, and again, they looked gorgeous!!

She was our day-of coordinator, yes. But, she was so much more than that!! She met with my husband, mother-in-law, parents and Brenda (The Olmsted) to talk about the schedule for the wedding day. She always kept in contact with me through email and by phone every few days up until the wedding. The morning of my wedding day, she sent me the sweetest email. I will never forget it. My family and I did not have to worry about a thing on my wedding day. She made sure all of my vendors were on time and paid. She made sure to keep me away from my husband before I walked down the aisle. She constantly checked on me to see how I was doing – did I need anything to eat, did I feel ok, etc. She constantly checked with my husband and our families as well. One of our groomsmen ripped a huge hole in his tuxedo pants and the Best Man called me and asked what to do! I told him to ask Marti. She took care of it – she got him a new pair of pants. I knew I didn’t have to worry. When I was outside taking pictures by myself, I got a pretty big sized stain of mud on my beautiful dress. I was devastated!!! She got it out by using a Tide pen! A TIDE PEN! It dried and you couldn’t even tell.

I tear up thinking about Marti because she is so good at what she does. She is smart, sweet, organized, helpful and punctual. But, more than that, she is my friend. She treated me like I was her daughter. She always made me feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. Just happy!!! Which is exactly what you should be on your wedding day. You should not have to worry about anything, and that is what she did for me. I knew I could count on her, and you can too.

Molly Mount–Bride,

When I saw this card that I am sending you that says “Scatter Joy” on the front of it, I knew I had to get it for you because you’re so good at scattering joy in everything you do! Thank you for the very important part you have had in planning and carrying out Brittany and Daniel’s beautiful wedding day! (Not to mention all the hours and late nights it took to get those details “just right”) All of your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Randy and Sherri Hesler–Parents of the bride,

Marti worked in my bridal shop for almost 10 years and during that time she did almost every job possible! Even in the beginning, she fit right in….she was a natural! The brides she worked with always enjoyed their time at Rebecca’s and often asked for her when they returned! She not only worked with brides and grooms, but became our “in house decorator”. She could turn a simple space into a work of art! Whether it was a big or small budget, she made everything look beautiful. I have never met someone with such a gift and I often turn to her for my business AND personal event needs!

Rebecca–Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique,

You truly moved the moon and stars to make Kala’s wedding perfect! You made the whole experience everything that I ever dreamed it would be. You will never know how much I appreciate you…..Thank you for a perfect wedding!

Benita McNally–Mother of the Bride,

There just are not words to tell you how much I appreciate you and ALL that you did meant to me. You are so talented and wonderful and we could not have had a successful wedding without you! I had NO idea HOW MUCH we needed you. You made Emily’s wedding a beautiful, perfect day. I know that you worked long and hard, but you did it with ease and with a beautiful smile! Marti, I am so grateful to you!

Jan Lira–Mother of the Bride,

We wanted to thank you, again, for helping us on the biggest day of our lives. You were such a big help and we couldn’t have done it without you. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to call! Please keep in touch and we really appreciate everything you have done for us!

Shelly and Jason Dunn,

Wow! What a treasure you are to our family. We will never be able to thank you enough for just an absolutely beautiful, elegant and fun wedding! We appreciate every plan, every detail, every thought because we know you worked extra hard and everyone has just complimented your efforts endlessly!

Mike and Julie Gathof–Parents of the Groom,